Here we are at the end of a dramatic year, one full of tension and worry - and, facing forward, we harbor some cautious hope for things to change for the better in 2021.

Like most folks I know, my year was filled with anxiety about many things. Like many of my friends, I medicated that anxiety with Music

But it's not just music that helped to calm my frazzled nerves, it is also the time I set aside to listen to it, and the gentle aura of quiet that I build around my ritual. Whether I am playing vinyl records or streaming digital content, I melt into my seat and allow the world "out there" to melt away, and let the world "in here" take root and carry me into its interior realms. is my little project aimed at sharing my experience, insights, and expertise - along with my selection of boutique brands.

"... music washes away from the soul, the dust of every day life, and says to each one; ‘thou art now no longer in thine office, or in the barracks, or in thy workshop" ~ Berthold Auerbach

This is the deep value of music in our lives, and certainly is a compelling reason for us to thoughtfully assemble music systems in our homes. Not to fill the background with pleasant noises while we read or do chores, but to provide a remedy, a cure, an invitation to leave the mundane behind and fully release ourselves from its effects on our psyche.

With the intention of helping you to bridge the gap between out there and "in here" - I humbly introduce you to my local audio project:

I choose my brands and specific components very carefully, intentionally. They are made by deeply committed people who design and build these artworks so that the rest of us can enjoy deep, meaningful experiences of music.

I know most of these makers personally, I count them among my friends. I gladly vouch for the quality of their products, the value of their brands, and content of their character. Good people making good things for good reasons.

~ Chris Sommovigo


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