Hi, I'm Chris Sommovigo, proprietor of Stereolab, LLC.

My mission is simple:

To help you create an immersive, magical experience of beautiful music in your home by using a selection of well-designed, high-performance audio gear.

A high-fidelity audio system for the home can be far more than a mere appliance relegated to background music, podcasts, and news radio. A home music system can be like a portal into another world—a gateway into fields of deep and beautiful experiences that words cannot describe, a Time Machine that transports you back to experiences long gone... and yet ever-present.

I do not build home theaters. I don't install alarm systems or whole-house automation. I certainly have no interest in shouty little voice-activated internet speakers that help you shop for paper towels and vitamins while screeching horrible noises that are supposed to be music.

My brands are not "household names" in the mainstream world, and are less well-known than the celebrity brands of "High End Audio" that populate articles in the specialized magazines. I have chosen these brands because they make truly outstanding, bespoke products that are meant for connoisseurs of exquisite experiences and fine objets d'art.

"Eargasms Wrapped in Elegance"

Yes, that motto might be a little bit of “spicy,” but it is offered with the purest of intentions. When music is projected through an artfully-assembled audio system, the effect can be overwhelming. Sometimes the experience can border on the mystical. Toward that end, I offer to you both these products and my expertise.


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    The loudspeaker is the most important component in a high-performance home audio system because it is the most drastic filter that the music goes through. The characteristic "sound" of an audio system is, essentially, the sound of your loudspeakers in your room. Everything else is a matter of fine tuning.

    My best advice is always this: Fall in love with a loudspeaker, then we will carefully match the amplifier and cables to that loudspeaker so that we can extract the most beautiful performance from it.


    • (Vacuum Tubes)

    It may seem an antique idea, but it is nevertheless an effective element in a properly-assembled 'Time Machine' of an audio system: Properly-designed vacuum tube electronics will deftly bridge the gap between ho-hum and oh-wow!

    Never settle for less than Oh Wow!



    • Vinyl Frontier

    A record player is a manner of miracle, fascinating old and young alike. How can so much music be encoded in scrapes and scratches in plastic? How is it possible to transform those rough-hewn engravings into music by dragging a diamond through them? And yet! Beauty issues forth...

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    Let's work together to put together your personal slice of musical Nirvana.

    Chris Sommovigo, proprietor

    +1 (404) 932 6337


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