There can be no underestimating the outstanding contributions that Baron Tim de Paravicini has made in both the professional audio and the high-end home audio arenas. His innovations are legend, as are many of his stellar designs. His intellect was remarkable, as was his curiosity and ravenous appetite for learning how things worked.

I was privileged to call him my friend and mentor, as well as my guide to the esoteric, underground world of Japan's "Western Electric Mania," and I was deeply honored to enjoy a tour of several installations of old Western Electric loudspeakers during a trip to Kyushu with him. He remains one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and I will always treasure the time we spent together.

Tim started making custom-designed products for rock-and-roll bands as early as 1965, thereby gaining direct experience in the audio world. He spent his early adult life developing, modifying, and repairing existing studio equipment and audio products. Some of that time was spent in South Africa before getting an opportunity to work in Japan for Lux Corporation in 1972. During his time at the Osaka-based factory, Tim developed the C1000/M6000 pre/power amp combination as well as the MB3045 valve monoblock with a custom output tube, the 8045G.

Along the way, Tim picked up quite a few awards, including a Grammy for sound quality, and has been highly recognized by the audio community for his work in the audio industry.

EAR (Esoteric Audio Research) was established in England in 1976 with the introduction of the EAR 509, a 100-watt valve monoblock power amplifier. The product was a balance of performance, reliability, size, and cost—which is why it is still in production today. The amp created a solid foundation upon which to design future EAR products. Since that time, a full range of products has been built following this original philosophy, ranging from the studio equipment that captures the sound to every home audio component needed to recreate that sound in your living room.

Heritage: Built upon the founder's values, EAR products have a history of winning a long list of awards in a range of different product categories. These accolades are through the high-level care given to the design and building of products. These values have never changed. E.A.R. has become known for long-lasting products that customers have enjoyed for many trouble-free years. Designed for those who want the very best in sound, these luxurious products have gained an enviable reputation, and are backed up with great service and repair. The iconic vision that Tim succeeded in creating has a strong presence, reaching all corners of the globe.

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