Christopher Hildebrand is someone I have been working with over several years, starting from when I was still living in Japan! He is also a dealer for my Black Cat Cable and Graceline cables, and I make the hookup-wire for his speakers. I've visited his factory in Richmond, met his team, and of course we've shown together at audio shows for some years now.

He is an artisan who happens to own a quite-modern machine shop in Richmond, Virginia. His artistry is combined with the precision of modern, CNC-driven machining to create world-class record players that can extract all of the beauty hidden inside those engravings spiraling along the record's surface. All of Fern&Roby's products bear the hallmark of his unique vision, and are produced to his exceedingly high standards. 

His Raven and Raven II loudspeakers have met with critical acclaim, delivering a uniquely pure sound in simple, beautiful forms.

Solid walnut cabinetry with specialized phenolic front and rear plates lend these beauties a classic high-end furniture aesthetic that can match well with modern, classic, and rustic décor.

These are "crossoverless" designs that employ rare Norwegian 'full-range' drivers to express the entire spectrum of music. These small loudspeakers have a way of becoming sonically invisible, leaving only the beauty of music floating in midair.

Of course, with great transparency comes the need for great components! My Ravens are usually powered by an E.A.R. V12 integrated, but they are sensitive enough so that I can use my 8-watt CF 300B integrated amp when I want to be immersed within the extra-dimensional wizardry of directly-heated single-ended triodes! 

With tremendous capabilities in his factory, Christopher also makes some very cool furniture - both for "audio purposes" as well as for more ordinary uses. I personally use one of his audio racks in my "big rig" to support his Tredegar turntable, my Concert Fidelity integrated 300B amplifier, and a CF DAC being fed by a Roon Nucleus+ server.

I love the "industrial chic" aspect of it, and he even used some reclaimed heart-pine for my shelves. Built to last a lifetime!

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