Mr. Ryo Aoyanagi is a highly-skilled craftsman trained in classical, traditional Japanese woodworking. His loudspeakers are made by hand, one at a time, by himself in a 150-year-old farmhouse located in Hikone City. The number of products that he can produce is limited; Aoyanagi-san is engaged in "manufacturing that is supported by human hands and hearts," with sound and appearance that is not found in mass-produced products.

A loudspeaker built by Aoyanagi-san is a treasure, a rare and special object built by a sensitive soul who has dedicated his life to this noble craft.

Made to order, often with a lead time that can span a few months.

In the maker's own words:

"The workshop is located in the soil of a farmhouse built 150 years ago. Looking at the work of the old craftsmen who made the pillars and beams that still strongly support the workplace, it seems like a "teacher" of manufacturing. "What kind of sound will this speaker play 150 years from now?" I made it while imagining that." ~ Ryo Aoyanagi
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