I have known Dr. Eunice Kron for several years after meeting her at an awards party thrown by Image HiFi magazine in Munich, Germany. We were there for the Munich High End show, which has become the most important international audio show in the world.

I noticed her accent.

"Brooklyn?" I asked. 

"Why Yes! How about you?"

"Born but not bred ..." I quipped. I was raised in South Florida. I like to say that I pushed up my draft (the joke is that New Yorkers eventually wind up in Florida, almost as an obligation).

Of course, not Eunice. She had married Riccardo Kron and skipped the Florida-trip entirely, instead moving across the Atlantic Ocean - first to Italy for 25 years, then to the beautiful city of Prague.

Boy, did we get along like peas in a pod! I really enjoyed my conversation with her that evening. We've seen each other again at successive Munich shows, but we mostly keep in touch by email.

Sadly, Riccardo is no longer with us (I never had the privilege of meeting him). Thankfully, Eunice has kept the KR enterprise going! I say thankfully because they make some of the very best power tubes in the world, and it would be a shame if we didn't have them.

I use KR Audio tubes, and have for several years. The same set. They not only sound superb, they are built to last a very long time. This makes them high-value products, worth every penny and then some. 

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