I have known Per Kristoffersen since about 2004. In fact, he and his family flew from Denmark to Atlanta, GA to be at my wedding! His daughter, Emma, was my flower girl, alongside my ring-bearer nephew, Tristan. They are both adults now... how time flies. 

[Here is a photo of Per and I many moons ago, accepting an award from Stereophile Magazine. His "Empress" loudspeaker was a contender for Loudspeaker of the Year]

Per's loudspeakers are crafted with an artisan's expertise in the best European traditions, built to extremely high standards and meant to last a lifetime or two (or three). Pride of ownership is a badge well-worn by Peak owners.

Many of the drivers Per uses are made exclusively for Peak Consult by his friend, Per Skaaning, also in Denmark. Aside from the masterful cabinetry, Per's "constant impedance" crossover designs are unique in the industry, using hand-made capacitors to achieve his signature sound and outstanding performance.

Per is a perfectionist, obsessed with reaching the very zenith of loudspeaker performance... and he has achieved it. Every Peak Consult loudspeaker is a case-study in ideals, evincing the perfectionist's philosophy to stop at nothing until the achievement has been won.

Every Peak Consult loudspeaker confers to the owner the bragging rights owed to the person who truly knows the difference between the wheat and the chaff.

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