In partnership with Victor Sierra of Sierra Audio Horn Designs, we present our modest loudspeaker project, Corazón.


The design brief for this was simple, but not easy:

In the Autumn of 2019 I asked Victor if he would be able to shoehorn his high-performance standards into a high-sensitivity, 15" two-way box monitor that would be a proper showcase for high-performance, low-powered Triode tube-amplifiers.

I sent him a rendering of what I had in mind, which was something like an homage to the older JBL and Altec designs of the 1960's. A simple "boxer" style that could fit-in just about anywhere, but wouldn't stick-out like a piece of Brutalist sculpture - - after all, these are intended to be in people's living spaces, not in a Bond-Villain's lair ...

He answered:

"Maybe ..."

Development was interfered with by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, adding many months to the project. Around Thanksgiving 2020, Victor's "Maybe ..." turned into "Yes!" - he had succeeded.

[Personally, I never doubted that he would be able to pull it off, but it was nevertheless a relief to read his text declaring victory]
Our first variant of the Corazón monitor is a tour-de-force of high performance, high-sensitivity, and heirloom build quality. From the veneered, thick Baltic-birch cabinets, to the hand-lathed wooden midrange horn, to the extraordinary drivers and hand-tuned crossovers (with Duelund parts!) - this idealistic exercise in possibilities amply demonstrates "how high" when talking about High End. 

With a sensitivity rating around 98dB (1w/1m @ 8 ohms), a frequency response between 30hz to Ultrasonics, and a truly seamless integration of drivers, the Corazón "Midi-Monitor" will leave the listener wanting for nothing. 

Corazón means "heart" in Spanish, and here we come to the very heart of the matter: the heart of the music reaching into the heart of the listener.

For those who worship at the altar of mini-watt SET amplifiers, Corazón is a magic-carpet for you to ride ...

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